ProjectTOP Testing Software

Everything You Need for Software Testing

Test Planning, Execution and Issue Management in One Tool

Everything for Manual Testing

Test planning, test case management, issue reporting, test case repository and all the metrics and reports you'll ever need.

For New Testers (and Pros)

Testers from business, test managers and project managers - ProjectTOP is for you. No previous testing experience required!

Excels and Words Not Enough Anymore?

Test cases stay in order in the test case repository. Testing is 25% more efficient and everyone can test, even simultaneously.

You'll be Testing like Pros in a Week

You'll be testing efficiently in a week with our training packages, simple instructions and how to-videos.

In Collaboration with Your Vendor

Your vendor will thank you for awesome issue reports that can be exported straight to their development tool such as Jira with an easy integration.

The Most Cost Efficient Way to Assure Quality

You won't need outside testing consultants. You'll learn to test yourselves! And this knowledge will stay in your organisation.

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This is What our Clients are Saying

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Need Help Getting Started?

Don't worry, we'll train you!

We’ll train your test manager to plan and manage testing in a smart way and your testers to write good test cases and test efficiently. You’ll be testing in hours, not weeks. You won’t need outside consultants, you’ll save time and money and learn to test yourselves!

Want to hear more?

Book a 30 minute chat and we’ll see if ProjectTOP is good fit for you.

Finnish Software and Best Local Support

ProjectTOP supports English and Finnish languages and you’ll get training and materials in those languages too. With certified expertise.

"As a tool, ProjectTOP is without equal. The staff have always been incredibly helpful both in training us, and helping us work with better processes. Warmly recommended!"

Jarmo Kaijanen, Chief Information Officer, Indutrade Oy

When Excels and Words No Longer Cut It

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Testing getting difficult to manage? Overview getting lost in miscellaneous documents and emails? Time to switch to ProjectTOP!

Testing is simple with ProjectTOP’s intuitive interface and you’ll know exactly how your testing is progressing with automatic reports.

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