ProjectTOP - Comprehensive IT-project management

Manage project portfolio, operative project work and testing.


For software testing, defect and change request management.

Project management

Managing complex projects and software implementations like ERP-projects.

Portfolio management

For project portfolio management and project development.

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Best Uses Of ProjectTOP

Testaus ProjectTOPilla

Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing is the final validation, where you test that the business processes work as they should before you implement new software.

Acceptance testing is easy to do comprehensively and with high quality using ProjectTOP’s End-to-End test cases, which help with testing long process chains.


ERP-project management

ProjectTOP is used in the most challenging ERP-project implementations.

With our help, you can implement the ERP quickly, without compromising your business. From gathering requirements to implementation.


Portfolio management

Seeing the entirety of projects enables fact-based decision making. All project related information is in one place, visually presented and available to everyone in the project.

Reporting progress comes from operative actions so it’s reliable and up to date.

Top-notch security and access right management

AD-integration, Single Sign-On and versatile user rights ensure security and that everyone sees what they are meant to see.

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ProjectTOP integrates with everyone

ProjectTOP is a true collaboration platform, and it integrates with all the most common tools.

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Is ProjectTOP right for you?

ProjectTOP is meant for medium large and large corporations and organizations. If you have the need to take control of your project portfolio, manage operative project activities, succeed in an ERP project or improve testing and defect management, ProjectTOP is the right tool for you.

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