ProjectTOP for software acceptance testing and implementation projects

Make sure everything works and the implementation is risk free.

Software testing

User-friendly test management suite for acceptance testing and test management.

Deployment projects

Testing of ERP-projects and other demanding IT-projects is ProjectTOP’s specialty.

updates and continuous development

The easiest way to ensure everything works before implementation.

Test cases can be uploaded to ProjectTOP

Pre-existing test cases can be uploaded to ProjectTOP from Excel.
Test cases can be categorized, and they stay in order in projects and in the test case bank.

Excellent tools and advice to write test cases

Writing test cases should start in the longer business processes that are the most typical and most frequent ones. The tasks that are done the most on a daily basis.

The process is written down as test case steps and divided between departments, for example sales, logistics and billing. This is business-based testing where the main goal is to find the most common and critical defects. When the test case is done, it can be easily copied to do variations of the process. Test cases are handy to assign from one department to another so that every department business expert will write their own part.

This way test cases are created smartly, and the focus of testing is the most critical business processes.
Test cases can be modified while testing if processes change. ProjectTOP’s built-in version management ensures up to date test cases. The tester always has the newest test case in use.

Utilizing previous testing projects will save you time and effort

Previous testing projects can be copied fully or partly. You can also add test cases to the project from the test case bank.

A test project consists of test cases that can be attached to requirements, change requests, or use cases to see their relation.

They are simple to assign to testers, who find them from their task lists. 

ProjectTOP makes the testers work easier. That’s why business experts will love it.

We understand that one of the biggest challenges in testing is to get business experts to test. They are experts in their work, not testing, and learning a new software just for testing seems pointless to them.

That’s why ProjectTOP has its own simple user interface for testers. They find test cases in their own worklist or can view all test cases in the project from shared views.
Testers get an email notification when they are assigned to a new test case.
Creating defects is easy with ready-made templates. The test case and defect are also linked automatically.

See test coverage and make sure everything important is tested

Requirements, use cases and change requests can be created and test cases linked to them.
You can link multiple test cases to them to form a relation tree-structure.

This provides a visual picture that a requirement will be tested with the attached test cases. This way nothing is left untested.

Found defects link automatically to test cases to see the full structure between requirements, test cases and defects. This makes it easy to monitor the progress of testing.

Reporting is generated automatically as testing progresses

No need to ask around how everything is going or dig around for information in miscellaneous files.
Visual dashboards and interactive views make sure that you know how everything is progressing.

Testing forecast reports help see if you are on schedule.
The status of test projects is always retained in the historical data and can be restored at any time.

Testaus ProjectTOPilla

Business experts can test with ProjectTOP

Everyone knows how to test with ProjectTOP after a 45-minute introduction.

Testers can quickly see the benefits of the software and the fact that ProjectTOP is helping them. That’s why ProjectTOP is up and running quickly.

Projecttop kanban-näkymä

Manage deployment tasks with ProjectTOP

Software implementation includes many other activities in addition to testing. Data migration, integrations and task lists during implementation can also be managed with ProjectTOP.

When all project tasks are in one place, the project can be managed with accurate, up to date information.

Toimittaja ja testaaja

Defects and change requests straight to the vendors system

Ready-made integrations to most systems used by vendors, such as Jira and Devops, make communication easy.

Defects or change requests can be sent to the vendor with a push of a button. See how the repair or development progresses and when the issue is ready for testing.

We will get you started

You can test immediately with targeted trainings

All our trainings are practical where people learn by doing, not just lectures on theory.
The training is done remotely and includes the guide materials.

Mentor by your side

Our mentors Jyrki and Joonas have decades worth of experience and have executed 200+ projects. We offer this experience to your use.

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Is ProjectTOP right for you?

ProjectTOP is meant for medium large and large corporations and organizations. If you are implementing or developing your solutions and you need to test them, ProjectTOP is the right tool for You.

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