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ProjectTOP's highly skilled experts utilize their knowledge of best practices to enhance the performance of customers’ operations. They have a genuine interest in the success of their customers’ projects and them achieving the best results. I highly recommend!

Jarmo Kaijanen, Chief Information Officer

We want to see your ERP project

ProjectTOP’s project management expertise ensures that the benefits of your ERP project are put to immediate use, both the schedule and the budget stay on course, and that your employees are not put under too much pressure. We can help you whether your project is in the planning, implementation or testing stage.


as a mentor.

Objective assesment and practical advice from an external expert

Our mentors educates and discuss, bring your own expertise into use, and ensure that at each stage of the project, your unique requirements are taken into account.

The mentor trains project and test managers, assists in steering group work, and goes through the project plan, while providing the professional’s perspective at every stage of the project.


as the project manager

We make sure that the ERP project stays within the planned schedule and budget – without forgetting people

A project manager takes responsibility for the project – from planning to successful deployment. The project manage makes a realistic project plan that takes into account the specifics of the business. He builds efficient processes for project implementation, testing and change management.

The definition phase is done carefully so that everyone knows exactly what is expected of the solution. The definition documents provide easy creation of test cases, and the progress of the project can be reliably monitored through real-time reporting.

An experienced project manager has a clear view of the goals. He also makes sure that the deployment is successful, and that none of the problems typical to ERP projects arise.


as the test manager

We make sure your solution works as it should

The test manager ensures the quality of your solution, the planning and implementation of testing, and the correction of errors. He develops a test plan and produces testing processes for the ERP project.

In addition, the test manager trains business experts to write test cases and guides you through the use of business-oriented, efficient testing methods.



Project management software keeps your ERP project in control, preventing data from spreading into hundreds of different emails and Excel spreadsheets

With ProjectTOP, you manage all the steps of your ERP project comprehensively. The software provides you with the best tools that support ProjectTOP’s modern procedures In addition, the software enables decision-making based on factual and accurate monitoring and efficient project management.