ProjectTOP for clear and visual project portfolio management

Take your project and portfolio management to the next level.

strategic project management

ProjectTOP answers the question: Are we doing the correct projects?

Seeing the big picture

You get a clear picture of what projects are going on and how they are progressing - in real time.

Business management

You can see which projects are in trouble and what needs to be addressed.

One place, where you can monitor all project statuses with operatively relevant and up to date indicators.

Traffic lights, project task progress, project manager greetings, schedules, budgets, risks, and everything the management needs to lead the project portfolio.

You can see the schedules of all projects in one timeline from the overall view, from which you can also dive into the project itself in more detail.

The overall view makes it possible to get to know the project portfolio, all the way from programs to single tasks.

Projects can be classified in many different ways. For example, by ABC category, business area, size, or strategic objectives.

This helps utilizing limited resources for the projects that generate the most benefit and implement the chosen strategy.

ProjectTOP gathers the work of resources into one view, even if the resource is working on multiple projects.

You can see resource workloads on the timeline and show why you can’t do all projects at the same time.

Mentor by your side

An objective view and practical advice from an outside expert.

Taking project management to the next level isn’t an easy task. It all starts with processes and organizational know-how. That’s why we offer assistance also in developing your project management, not just using the software.

Mentor by your side

Our mentors Jyrki and Joonas have decades worth of experience and have executed 200+ projects. We support your project managers and test managers during challenging projects.

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Are we the right partner for you?

ProjectTOP is meant for medium large and large corporations and organizations to help with operative project activities and provide management with a clear view of project progress.

If you need to take control of your project portfolio and develop project activities to be more efficient, we are the right partner for you.

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