ProjectTOP for operative IT-project management

Provide your project team with the tools to work efficiently and with high quality.

Demanding IT-projects

A collaboration platform for even the most demanding development projects, from ERP projects to continuous development management.

Development projects

All project tasks, change requests, test cases, requirements and defects in one place.

Software implementation and digital transformation

Take control of project management and testing, and make sure implementation goes smoothly without risking the business.

What makes ProjectTOP usable is that each user level has its own user interface

Project and testing managers have their own views for project planning and management.
Previous projects and project templates can be utilized when creating new projects. Activities are easy to schedule, assign and modify with mass change tools.

ProjectTOP helps to visualize your project and move from static documents to dynamic, interactive project management.

Personal task lists and operative views make it easier for project people to work

People find tasks on their own lists and are notified of new tasks.
Reporting task progress is one click away and all the needed information can be found in one place.
Working is rewarding and efficient when people know what to do and when.

All project information in one place

Working is efficient when tasks aren’t lost in emails or miscellaneous Excel spreadsheets. Teams is a good platform for communicating, but information and decisions are easily fragmented.

In ProjectTOP, statuses, decisions, and files stay under control and easy to find.

Access can also be given to vendors and other partners. Change requests and defects can be managed transparently and in good collaboration.

ProjectTOP is also a complete testing software.

Projects are in control from gathering requests to acceptance testing and implementation with one software, including change requests and defect management.

This provides a whole new possibility to lead IT-projects and manage software testing in addition to tasks.

Real-time reporting enables information-based management

ProjectTOP gathers all projects and their activities on a single platform, providing a real-time, updated view of project progress.

Information isn’t scattered and projects can be managed based on facts.

Tools for Project Teams


Gantt for scheduling projects

Gantt is a project managers tool for project scheduling, outlining the critical path and creating dependencies between activities.


Planner for operative work

In addition to showing the project as a whole, the Planner shows the individual tasks and allows easy editing and activity assigning.

Projecttop kanban-näkymä

Kanban for agile

Kanban boards are a tool for agile development and project teams.

Quick implementation

Best Practice-model built-in
Best processes are immediately at your disposal and guide you to operate in a smart way, without the heavy deployment process.

We will train you
All our trainings are practical where people learn by doing projects, not just lectures on theory.

Mentor by your side
Our mentors Jyrki and Joonas have decades worth of experience and have executed 200+ projects. We support your project managers and test managers during challenging projects.

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Is ProjectTOP right for you?​

ProjectTOP is meant for medium large and large corporations and organizations to help with project management and quality assurance.

If you need to take control of your project or succeed in software implementation, we are the right fit for you.

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