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Joonas Iivonen

Project Specialist
+358 40 703 0513

A burning passion for the success of ERP projects. Wakes up at night with a cold sweat whenever a project repeats traditional mistakes.

When not helping a customer, Joonas has propably gone fly fishing or to band practice.

Joonas is happy to answer any questions regarding sales and purchases!

Jyrki Autio

Project mentor
+358 400 744 831

Finland’s top ERP guru. Hates it when he is called a guru. Happy whenever he can get involved in a project early, because then there is no need to fix any problems, they can be completely avoided.

When not working on projects, you can find Jyrki jogging with his dog Eino or constructing a new building at his summer cottage.

Any issues related to our services can be addressed to Jyrki!

Petri Pulkkila

Development Director
+358 400 394 292

Develops and integrates anything, anywhere, even if he always says ‘no’ at first. Always looking for peace and quiet at work, never finding it.

Petri enjoys spending time with his family, but sometimes also likes some time apart, often spending that time in the world of sports. According to rumors, more traditional forms of sports are also a part of Petri’s everyday life.

Petri is happy to answer any technical questions!

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