Complete Test Management Suite Doesn't Mean it's Difficult to Use

Powerful, Visual Editor for Test Planning

Create new test cases and assign them to testers with a simple drag and drop- editor. Or copy a previous testing project completely or partly – you’ll be testing in no time!

  • All testing-related data in one place
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Resourcing, assignments, deadlines and milestones
  • Smart copying of previous projects to quickly make new ones
  • Adding test cases from test repository
  • Archiving and re-opening completed projects
  • Common and project-based user access rights for an additional level of security
  • Manage all testing and deployment-related activities including requirements, use cases, issue reports, open issues and tasks
Testausprojektin suunnittelu visuaalisella editorilla
Testitapaukset järjestyksessä testitapauspankissa

Test Cases That Stay Organized

Test cases are easy to organize and re-use with customizable categories.

  • Automatic version management makes sure you always test with the current version.
  • Test cases are easy to link to requirements and use cases
  • Copying test cases (whole test cases or parts of them) for easy re-usability
  • Excel import and export
  • Mass changes to multiple test cases
  • Complete audit trail of all changes to all activities

Simple UI for Writing Test Cases and Testing

Creating test cases – also End-to-End- test cases – is super simple with our test case editor. You can also re-use old test cases (or parts of them) and import from Excel.

  • The test case editor is a step-by-step- editor, where test cases steps are simple to create
  • Testing is done by going through all the test steps and marking them ok/not ok and logging test results and document numbers
  • Testers have their own, simple UI with personal task lists where they find all their assigned tasks
Testitapausten kirjoitus helpolla editorilla
Virheraportin luonti yhdellä klikkauksella

One Click Issue Reports

Creating an informative issue report is super easy due to a pre-filled error report that also has a link to the test case steps. Your vendor will thank you for clear error reports, and fixing potential bugs is faster.

  • Create pre-filled error reports with one click
  • Automatic linking between test case and issue report means it’s easy to replicate the issue
  • Copy-paste screen shots, add attachments and links

Real Time Metrics and Reports

With visual dashboards and interactive, customizable view you’ll know exactly what is going on.

  • Interactive, customizable views and visual dashboards
  • Overviews to test project progress and schedule
  • Reporting on testing progress, test coverage, issue handling and much more.
  • Smart forecast reports to see if you are staying on track
  • Complete test project history data
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Efficient Team Work and Collaboration

Our UI helps everyone work better: Business testers have their own, simple UI for testing and writing test cases. Test managers have powerful, customizable views for test planning and reporting. Vendor’s consultants have their task lists where they find issue reports and change requests.

  • Start testing right away – without a learning curve
  • Every role has their own UI, including test managers, testers and consultants
  • Personal task lists, email notifications, search functions
  • Collaborate even better with integrations to vendor’s systems
  • Embedded forms to collect data
  • Send and receive emails directly from ProjectTOP
  • Powerful search function

Integrate and Customize

Customize ProjectTOP to make it your own! Integrate it with your vendor’s or partner’s software. Use SSO and get ProjectTOP as a service or install in your own server – whichever best suits you!

  • Jira- and other integrations
  • Customize almost anything – no need for expensive tailoring
  • Single Sign On – also from the Cloud
  • SaaS or local installation
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