The ProjectTOP Project Management Software keeps your ERP project on track

Vantaa Energy Group has used ProjectTOP for five years. Our usage has expanded from the management of individual project testing to concern-wide project management.
ProjectTOP is an agile and flexible tool that meets our needs. The staff are helpful and the service is fast.

Johanna Piispa, Development Engineer, Vantaan Energy Electricity Networks Ltd

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Software to support ERP system reform

Fragmentation of project data causes ERP projects problems

ERP projects gets into trouble when the overall picture of the ERP reform project is lost sight of. This happens slowly as the project progresses, and when the problem arises it is already too late.

All that is needed for successful ERP reform – on one platform

ProjectTOP software gathers all your ERP project activities and big data on a single platform, providing you with real-time updates on your project’s progress. The information is not fragmented, and project management is based on up-to-date factual information.

What do you need?

Project planning


Project data

Real-time reporting


ProjectTOP specializes in the implementation of ERP projects and dealing with their unique challenges.
Everything is done within one, shared piece of software.

An ERP project plan that is always up to date

If the project plan for the ERP system is updated based on little pieces of information that have been dug from e-mails, the actual situation of the project will be based on speculation and the project cannot be guided by factual information. With ProjectTOP, your project plan is updated in real time, always telling you the actual situation of the project.

Lead your ERP project with knowledge

Effective, fact-based management is possible when the actual situation of the project is always known.

Reacts proactively to problems

You will notice the potential problems of ERP reform earl, react proactively, and keep your project on track.

Everyone has heard stories of ERP system projects that have struggled with quality problems. With ProjectTOP software, you can avoid having to roll-back solutions, appearing in trade publications, and losing millions. With effective testing tools you ensure the quality of the solution and know that everything works before implementation.

ProjectTOP makes testing easy

You don’t have to be a testing professional – user-friendly testing tools make testing easy for everyone.

The readiness of the solution is always known

Each error and change request is easily recorded and clearly and visually reportable.

ERP project testing tools for quality assurance

A common platform for project data will improve the implementation of ERP projects

In ERP projects, the problem is not the reluctance of the project staff to do their work, but a lack of information. Employee uncertainty about tasks and deadlines will significantly reduce both work efficiency and quality. The ProjectTOP project management program enables all project participants to have their own work lists. This is how they know what to do, when and why. Everyone wants to see their work list green – the supplier too!

All project data in one place

People can work effectively when tasks are not lost in e-mails and different Excel tables.

Always up to date on the progress of the project

Project staff can report on the progress of their work with one click.

Issues with ERP projects materialize when understanding of the project’s situation is not clear. Often problems will only be found when it is too late to react. ProjectTOP’s real-time reporting makes it possible to detect potential problems in time and prevent them causing serious damage.

Fully automatic reporting

Automatic reporting provides up-to-date factual information on every aspect of the project.

Get rid of the uncertainty

The project retains momentum when you know exactly what the situation is and what to do next.

Real-time reporting prevents unwelcome surprises

Support for getting the best out of the ProjectTOP project management software

“How can we implement a project management program when running the ERP project takes up all our time?”

We are constantly confronted with this issue and based on our experience we can promise that deployment can take place without getting in the way of other project tasks. You don’t have to spend your valuable time sitting in lectures – the employees learn how to use the software while working on a project, whether it is planning, writing test cases or acknowledging tasks. People working on the project thank you for saving their time and keeping track of the progress of the project.

ProjectTOP adapts to your project

You will have a ready-made project management software and processes that work. However, all functions can be customized as needed – even in the middle of the project!

You will succeed in your project

We are not just training you to use the software, but making sure that you know exactly how to succeed in your project.

As a tool, ProjectTOP is incomparable. ProjectTOP enabled both top-level and task-level management of a large project and played a major role in its successful implementation. ProjectTOP enabled the progress of the changes to be monitored through different phases of the project – from the modelling process to the acceptance of accreditation testing based on them.”

Jarmo Kaijanen Chief Information Officer, Indutrade Oy
Jarmo Kaijanen

“ProjectTOP helps us manage our systems development and error handling. ProjectTOP is also an important tool for system testing. ProjectTOP experts have always helped when we needed support or ideas for using the software.”

Mikko KutvonenChief Technology Officer, Invenco Oy
Mikko Kutvonen

“Vantaa Energy Group has been using ProjectTOP for five years. Our usage has expanded from the management of individual project testing to concern-wide project management. The goal is to have a concern-wide project management system that supports individual projects on a daily basis, enabling project management at the portfolio level.

ProjectTOP is an agile and flexible tool that meets our needs. The staff is helpful and the service is fast.”

Johanna PiispaDevelopment Engineer, Vantaan Energy Electricity Networks Ltd
Johanna Piispa

“ProjectTOP has made the time spent on testing 25 % more effective. There’s more time for testing when all other tasks flow more smoothly. The best part is that everything related to testing is in one place, we do not have to handle diverse Excels anymore and it is easy to report the results of the tests in real time.

Furthermore, I got told in a development discussion that I’m the only team manager in our company who can answer immediately what our team’s resource situation is. I said that I have a high-end tool that others could use.”

Anne ForsellTeam Manager (testing team), Medbit Oy
Anne Forsell

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