How to plan a manageable project

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Lately I have been pondering a lot about traditional project plan versus a plan that actually makes the project manageable. I mean, the traditional way to plan a project is to do is so it’s easy to plan. Bear with me here, I’ll elaborate.

The project is planned from a planning point of view, not from a managing point of view. It often starts by listing tasks and grouping them together by topic with a few general, high-level deadlines thrown in. This helps the planner get an overview on what needs to be done, but it is not an optimal way to monitor project progress once the project kicks off.

To make a project plan manageable, it can to be broken into execution packages and process use cases

The execution packages are bite sized parts of the project, and the idea behind process use cases is that you know exactly what the packages include.

And this is the point: You can’t report on how the project is progressing if you are unsure what 100% completion even is.

With the ProjectTOP method you can report that execution package 1 is fully completed, now moving on to package 2. This way you know exactly what is ready and what isn’t. You’ll save time on reporting and can focus on actually managing the project.

If you want to know how to plan, define and execute your project, take a look at our VIP area.

The VIP area is a complete guide on how to manage your IT project from start to finish. Go read the helpful articles!

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