Testing a test case

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Begin testing by opening the test case.

Click “Start testing”.

In the window that opens, change the status to “Testing“

Perform the planned tests according to the instructions in the test document.
Click on the green barb to confirm the line.

In the test result field, enter document numbers, quantities,
or other relevant information (in addition to the test result) so that the next tester,
or any error corrector, knows what information has been used in the test.

Click the red box to acknowledge the line as rejected.
A window will open asking for observation information.

To transfer a test case to the next tester, click “Stop Testing” and select the next
tester as the status for “To next Tester” and “Assigned to” in the box that opens.

When all rows have been successfully tested and you want to stop testing,
click “Stop Testing” and select “Tested OK” in the box that opens.

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