Managing the chaos around you with ProjectTOP Process

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Projects should never be late because lack of resources – you just need to plan ahead! However, this is easier said than done. Here Joonas shares a few important tips on how to create and implement a realistic project plan:

  • Find out in advance what resources you need, when and what for
  • Based on this, make sure the right people are available when needed
  • Make sure your processes for project meetings, testing and workshops are efficient – use your limited time to create an effect

ProjectTOP will help you with all this and more: everything that you need to succeed in budget and on time is built in and ready to go. When all your project data is stored in one dynamic platform, you can manage your recourses efficiently, use them according to the plan and monitor that everything is progressing as planned – in real time. For example, team wide task lists make it easy to monitor progression and to set tasks and schedules for your team. They also help everyone to maintain a clear overview of the project. In this video, Joonas shares some concrete, step by step tips on how to get started with ProjectTOP:

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