Creating a test case

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Creating a test case

Click New – Activity from the navigation bar OR if you are creating a test case for
another activity, then:

  • Open that activity (For example process or change activity)
  • Select Tools – Add dependent activity

Fill in the form that opens

  • Give the test case an exact, descriptive name
  • Select the type
  • Select a project
  • Select an organization
  • Select a status
  • Give a clear description of what is being tested


Other fields are optional. Click “Create” and the activity will open.


Click “Start Testing” to begin writing the steps in the test document. An empty test document opens.

In the “Edit” column you will find the functions for editing the test document.

Write the lines for the test document. To make title lines, select “Set or unset header” on the left.

When the test document is complete, click “Stop Editing” and “Stop Testing”.
The Stop Editing function removes blank, extra lines from the test case.

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